Hosted Syncthing + Backups

11sync.net is a Hosted Syncthing peer. Designed for Syncthing users seeking reliable backups and resilience.

Synchronize + backup

Your files are automatically backed up every few minutes, with the option to retain old copies for as long as you need. Accidentally overwritten a crucial file? No worries — restore it with just a couple of clicks.

This not only provides a quick solution for unintentional errors but also ensures your protection against ransomware.


At 11sync.net, you can secure folders with a password.

This is quite unique in the on-line synchronization and backup space. While we very carefully protect your data, you are additionally assured that it is impossible to read your files for anyone else but you (or others, with whom you have shared the password).

Bootstrapped, users first

We are bootstrapped and are driven by users’ needs, placing them above profits. Our service is designed for effortless entry and exit, ensuring there’s no lock-in, and we avoid implementing artificial pricing barriers.


11sync.net operates using syncthing, a renowned open-source file synchronization tool first launched in 2013. 11sync.net is FOSS, adhering to the AGPL-v3 license.

11sync.net is currently in private alpha

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Frequently Asked Questions

Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between your devices.

New to Syncthing? No worries! Head to syncthing.net, set it up across two of your devices and come back. This page will make much more sense then, we promise!

At 11sync.net, we distinguish through several key features and principles:
  • Privacy-centric: at 11sync.net, you set your password directly on your devices, ensuring that all your files are securely encrypted. This encryption means your data remains unreadable to anyone without your password, including us. We ensure that your files and backups are convenient, safe, and not compromising on privacy.
  • Fair and transparent pricing: we believe in straightforward, honest pricing. At 11sync.net, you only pay for what you use — the storage and networking resources. We don’t charge based on the number of devices, folders, or connected peers. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable solution without hidden costs or unnecessary fees.
  • Seamless integration: to get started with 11sync.net, all you need is Syncthing. We enhance your existing file-sharing setup, making it smoother and safer, without adding complexity to your digital life.

Choose 11sync.net for a secure, straightforward, and seamless file synchronization experience that respects your privacy and finances.

A backup is essentially a copy of your data stored in a different location. This is crucial because if you lose your original data, you can retrieve it from the backup. Backups are particularly vital for preserving data that holds value or importance.

Here are some common scenarios where having a backup proves indispensable:

  • Failure of a hard drive.
  • Misplacing or theft of your computer.
  • Incidents of ransomware, where your data is held hostage by attackers demanding payment.
  • Accidental deletion of crucial files or folders.

11sync.net backs up (i.e. copies to a separate location) your files at regular intervals, which could be as frequent as every 10 minutes. These backups can be securely stored for extended periods, guaranteeing that your data is recoverable. This gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your valuable data is safe.

11sync.net is currently in its Private Alpha stage, a critical phase where we’re fine-tuning our service with the help of a select group of early adopters (my friends and family).

Once 11sync.net reaches the level of stability and functionality where we can offer it as a paid service, we’re looking forward to expanding our user base. If you’re interested, we invite you to join our waiting list. Enter your email here, and you’ll be added to the waiting list. You will receive a sign-up link in to your inbox.

Source code will be released as soon as 11sync.net leaves private alpha (i.e. we start charging for the service). As a heads up, 11sync consists of two parts, licensed differently: We are licensing user’s control panel under a more permissive MIT license, so it can be uplifted to the MIT-licensed syncthing if necessary.
While we have not finalized the exact pricing structure yet, here are the guiding principles that will shape our approach:

  • Cost-Reflective Pricing: Our pricing will directly reflect the actual costs involved in providing our services. This means we plan to charge based on the resources you use, such as storage space and network bandwidth. This approach ensures that you only pay for what you need and use, without any hidden fees or surprise charges.
  • Technical Efficiency: We are continuously working to optimize our technical infrastructure to be as efficient as possible. This not only enhances performance but also helps in keeping operational costs down, savings that we intend to pass on to our users.
  • User Feedback:As we work on our pricing, we will be seeking input from our community. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping us create a pricing structure that is both fair and aligned with user expectations.

We appreciate your patience and interest in 11sync.net. Stay tuned for more detailed information on our pricing structure as it is developed.

11sync.net is run by Motiejus Jakštys. As a software engineer with a passion for technology, I dedicate my personal time to develop 11sync.net outside of my regular day job. This project is entirely bootstrapped, with a focus on sustainable growth and independence, as I have no plans to seek external funding.

My guiding principles for 11sync.net are deeply rooted in both technical excellence and user-centric values:

  • Do what’s right for the customer.
  • Attention to detail creates the best product.
  • Accessibility matters.
  • Efficiency matters.

For more insights into the business and technical aspects behind 11sync.net, keep an eye out for my upcoming series of blog posts!

No, 11sync.net is not officially affiliated with the developers of Syncthing. Despite this, our commitment to the Syncthing community is strong. Currently, without a steady cash flow, 11sync.net proudly supports Syncthing, as evidenced by our sponsorship (our logo can be viewed here). As our financial situation evolves, we aim to increase our contributions to support their ongoing development.
Yes, Syncthing indeed champions decentralization, and we fully embrace it. At 11sync.net, our role is to complement this decentralized system by offering a resilient peer that also does back-ups for you (separately from versioning).

For those who are adept at handling their own backups or already possess a reliable, always-on peer, 11sync.net might not be necessary. We’re here to provide an additional layer of reliability and convenience for those who need it.

Here’s our commitment to you regarding the use of your email:
  • Email #1: an announcement when our first blog post goes live.
  • Email #2: Service Launch Notification. As soon as 11sync.net is ready for use, you’ll receive a direct sign-up link.

Once sign-up emails are sent, your sign-up information will be deleted as a further step in ensuring your privacy and security. Needless to say, your e-mail address will not be shared with third-parties.